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today in my civics class one of the girls in there was like “this teacher messed up my last name on the roll call and called me breathcock once.” our teacher (he’s a guy) was all like “that’s bringing all these dirty thoughts out in my head. I need to be spanked.” me and my friend immediately bust out laughing, and he can’t figure out why. then he realized he made a sexual reference and was embarrassed. it was seriously the best moment of my life.

My Thoughts on #Ericole

I wish #Ericole could either get together or not by this point. I love them to death, but this angst is driving me crazy. LET ERICOLE HAVE THEIR HAPPY ENDING DAMMIT.

They are so perfect for one another too! I really can’t see Eric with another character on the show, and Nicole seems to still be pretty hung up on him.

In other words, I just need, like, closure on this pairing. Either let Eric get rejected or they get together and live happily ever after. I feel the #Ericole fandom can’t move on until Eric fesses up and Nicole reacts.



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